16th International Conference on Particle-Induced X-ray Emission

24-29 March 2019 · Cultural and Congress Centre of Caldas da Rainha
Europe/Lisbon timezone

Unravelling secrets from atoms to planets

***** Next conferences will join PIXE and IBA ** in a virtual conference in 2021 and in person in 2023 in Japan ***** check the links *****

IAEA support to developing countries

IAEA logo

Researchers from developing countries may apply for support from the International Atomic Energy Agency, by sending and e-mail to info@pixe2019.org using as subject "Support to developing countries researchers", and presenting a short justification (less than 200 words) as support for the request.

Please take into account that funding for this is limited and that, in order to provide a positive reply to as many researchers as possible, not all cost can be supported.

If an application is accepted, the fee will be waived being co-funded by the IAEA and the PIXE2019 conference organisation, and additional costs may be reimbursed.

Taking this into account, in addition to the justification, please state in your application if you request further support.

Applications will be dealt with in a case by case situation, and if additional costs support is agreed, reimbursement of proven expenses will be made during the conference, in cash or by bank transfer.


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